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Media. Technology. Communication. Networks. A way of life?

All of these terms are saturated into the everyday vocabulary of our society, be in in business, educational, or personal settings.  Media and technology are evolving at an astronomical rate.  Their abilities to provide means for communication and networking of users across the globe is reaching an unlimited status.  At times, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the evolution of these media is not uncommon.  As soon as you buy the newest smart phone, you’ll be reading about an even more new and improved device a month later.  It can be nearly impossible for an individual to keep up with the crossfire.  This overwhelming state can lead to a sense of cognitive dissonance, causing a user to adopt a more reactive approach to the changing times versus a proactive one, simply for the sake of keeping one’s sanity.

Despite these challenges, it is most important to keep in mind the purpose of using the media at hand.  There can be many purposes with many motivations (meeting new friends, networking, learning about the world, doing business, etc.).  However, with all of these motivations, one must ask above all, “why am I using this damned device?!”  From my perspective I propose a reason that can be applied over a broad spectrum: to tell your story.  Everyone has a story, a narrative that serves to describe the events and details of their lives.  Some stories might appear amazing on their face alone, and while others might appear to be the opposite (simple, dull, unimaginative), they can always be transformed into something entertaining, breathtaking or groundbreaking.  Something as simple as waking up and preparing a plate of pancakes can be expanded to cover an entire chapter of a book, or in this day and age a blog entry.  It’s all about how you present your story, how you shape it and make it part of who you are.  At the same time, storytelling is a multi-way street.  Storytellers not only tell their own, but they seek to learn from others’ stories and collaboratively create new ones.  Today, stories still have a beginning, but they surely don’t have a visible end.

As a professional communicator, I seek to analyze how these new media and technologies can be used to tell the stories of the people who use them.  The goals of my weblog, and eventually my website, are to expose these new avenues of communication, exploring the hardware and software sides of media, and shedding some light into how these media might be used in both their intended and unintended circumstances.  I hope to help other communicators learn ways of how to tell their stories, as well as receive feedback from others who have found success in their methods.  I honestly believe that anyone with the right tools and a basic knowledge can take any type of media and make it their own; the only limits on technology are ones that are self-imposed.  And in retrospect, the only person who can tell your story the best is you.

Look for many stories to come…