The Art of War: Darkest Emotions Surfaced

Posted: November 5, 2016 in Author's Notes


War is hell. There are many ways to describe it. Hellhole, armpit, sandbox, shitstorm, whatever suits your tastes. The emotions that war brings are seldom comparable to any other human experience. In some ways, war can bring a lifetime of experiences in a very short span of time.


Adrenaline can be an initial emotion, especially when stepping off of the plane or when the first bullet flies past your head.

The Price.jpg

Pain, suffering, horror can all happen in a matter of seconds upon initial contact.


After the firefight is over, some may feel emotions of exhaustion, helplessness, or in need of mending.


Or feelings of regret and resentment over friends who have been lost or the horrid things that had to be done in the line of duty.


Some may reach for a higher power to raise them from such a traumatic state. Others may choose to bottle it inside and keep it hidden.


Even after the war is over, some might feel like they are still at war. Only instead of bullets flying, politics and civil brutality might become the weapons to reign assault.


Some might become more hardened by the emotions from war.  Others might choose to turn their backs and try to find a means to an end. Some might want to continue the fight, while others may seek to peacefully end the fight.


If anything good were to come from the fragments of war, it is that the broken pieces of emotion can be put together into meaningful, powerful art for the world to see.  Not everyone is meant to go through war, but through the images painted onto a canvas by artists around the globe, many of whom are veterans themselves, the world may hopefully be able to see the raw, unfiltered emotions of humanity in its most violent state, and perhaps then the world may be able to understand: war is an art, and never a pretty one.


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