Just bring back Fanning as SECARMY already!

Posted: May 21, 2017 in Author's Notes

BAD07155-22FA-426A-BEFB-19B4569C18AC-3885-0000096E6D019935The Department of the Army has been sitting for the past four months without a Secretary in office, and at the current time it desperately needs a strong and competent one. The first candidate for office looked promising with his West Point education, but he made the wise decision to step away from the nomination due to his conflicts of interest with business ties. The next candidate immediately faced harsh criticism from both sides of the aisle due to his firm stance on controversial subjects affecting today’s Army. His refusal to budge on his beliefs ultimately cost him the nomination for Secretary. So the office remains vacant, and it really doesn’t need to be especially after there was already a great guy in place: Eric Fanning.

For as far back as I can remember, Fanning was the one SECARMY to whom I felt the most compelled to pay attention. Not just because he was the SECARMY but because he truly stood out from the previous ones. Besides the fact that he immediately faced criticism himself before his confirmation hearing due to his  sexual orientation, he had a drive and charisma that no other person at his level had. From the beginning, he was immediately out front and engaging with the troops across all components. He also knew how to engage with social mediaby documenting photos of his trips, participating in interviews with DoD and other agencies, and even making a few short video clips with his buddy, SMA Dailey. It was a breath of fresh air to have a SECARMY who you felt like you had a connection with, even if he was high up in the Pentagon.

Apart from the fun and engaging stuff, Fanning also spoke publicly about the hard issues. He addressed the equal treatment and integration of LGBTQ service members into the ranks, as well as  a call for a reevaluation of the Army’s family programs so that they actually work to support the modern family rhythm. He recognized that both the service member and the spouse work full time jobs in the present era and that the Army must evaluate its work life balance to improve the overall quality of life for Army communities. And he advocated the development of more advanced and lethal weapons to supply our Army for accomplishing its bedrock mission from day one: fighting and winning the nation’s wars. Who else out there today could do as great of a job as he did?

So here we are almost halfway through 2017, and the Army is still without a Secretary? Why is it like this right now? Well I’m just going to say that it doesn’t have to be this way; we can bring back an already great leader who has lead and inspired a new generation of Soldiers and civilians to be their best in an ever changing world. And right now in our history, there is no more important time to have a more competent leader at the top as our SECARMY, especially when the world’s superpowers continue to create more friction that will most likely drive us into the next world war.

So I say this: stop messing around with politics and party agendas! Put a strong, competent and dedicated person in office right now! And what better person than Mr. Fanning?


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