John T. O’Connell is a marketing and publicity technician for The Lincoln Center for the Performing and Visual Arts in Fort Collins, CO.  His background includes experience in corporate communication, public relations, emerging digital media integration, and media research methods.  John has worked to promote over 20 big events during his time at The Lincoln Center, including acts such as The Midtown Men, TRACES, Paco Pena, Tony Deyo, Jill Michele Melean, and “Weird Al” Yankovic.  In addition to publicizing the performing arts in Northern Colorado, John has also conducted research with multiple projects including the CYCLES project, a training video game being developed for members of the Intelligence Community.

In keeping with his love for media and the arts, John believes in the power of user-driven, DIY media ethics to produce the most authentic, direct messages throughout all communities.  “We have the tools, so let’s use them,” says John when describing the potential of media in the hands of ordinary users.  Over the course of his career, John has produced articles and other materials for James Madison University Recreation, Reach Out Climb, and The Fort Carson Mountaineer.  He has also been involved in broadcast media, with experience as a DJ and as the Director of Publicity for 88.7 FM WXJM Harrisonburg.  John also served United States Army during Operation Enduring Freedom and continues to advocate outreach to recovering veterans.


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